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Combined Routine Inspection + Testing

Fire Alarm



We offer a combined service which includes fire alarm testing, emergency lighting testing and our health & safety (including fire safety) inspection services. We can take the headache out of organising everything and manage it all for you, with no need outsource to several compliance contractors. This service includes:


Weekly Fire Alarm Testing
This service involves a comprehensive survey of the fire alarm panel, and associated fire alarm call points throughout a premises. A full, easy to understand, status report is created on a monthly basis, or in line with your specific requirements.


Monthly Emergency Lighting Tests (simulated mains failure)

A full survey of the emergency lighting system within a property is undertaken free of charge at the outset of the service. Any failed units are documented and reported on a monthly basis, or in accordance with your specific requirements. Emergency lighting tests are carried out in accordance with the British Standard BS 5266.


Health & Safety + Fire Safety General Inspections

We have a genuine network of Nebosh qualified health & safety inspectors, and our inspection criteria covers a range of key areas, including:


Trip/slip/fall hazards

Water leaks/damp

Faulty lift alarm systems

Risk of falling objects

Electrical hazards

Obstructed escape routes

Breaches of security

Collision hazards

Damaged/missing safety or warning signage

Observed faulty plant/equipment and machine guarding  


Fire safety

Accumulations of combustible materials and substances

Missing/damaged/incomplete Fire Action Notices above fire alarm call points

Discharged/damaged/out of service fire extinguishers

Missing/damaged fire exit signage

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