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Emergency Lighting Tests + Fire Alarm Tests
+ Fire Evacuation Drills



Emergency lighting tests are carried out on a monthly basis in accordance with the British Standard BS 5266. The test involves a simulated failure of the mains lighting power supply in order to activate the emergency lighting units within the property. A full survey of the emergency lighting system within the common areas of a property is undertaken free of charge at the outset of the service. Any failed units are documented and reported on a monthly basis, or in accordance with your specific requirements.




This service involves a comprehensive survey of the fire alarm panel, and associated fire alarm call points throughout a premises. A test is carried out by activating a fire alarm call point, using a fire alarm test key, then completed by silencing and resetting the fire alarm control panel. In accordance with the British Standard – BS 5839 Part 1 (2002), Fire alarm tests should be undertaken on a weekly basis, with at least one call point tested per week. Our service includes full tenant liaison, the completion of documentation on site, and the maintenance of signed witnessed records off site. A full, easy to understand, status report relating to all aspects of the tests is created and forwarded on a monthly basis, or in line with your specific requirements.




We can also provide bi-annual Fire Evacuation Drills based on the same approach. All on site tenants are made aware of proposed dates for fire evacuation drills at least one month in advance, with a reminder being sent the week before the scheduled date. Full drill reports are compiled and sent, including confirmation of the evacuation time and the assessor’s comments.


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