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General Health & Safety + Fire Safety




Health and safety compliance can feel like an endless stream of red tape and can be a headache when you need to get on with your day to day business. However, not understanding and complying with the law can lead to accidents, prosecutions, fines and even death. 


Your responsibilities

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the subsequent legislation created under the Act places substantial responsibilities on an employer, or the managing agent of a property. All employers must have a Health & Safety policy and this must be in a written format, where there are five or more employees.

Our services

Whether you are in property management or facilities management, or overseeing H&S in an office, school, care home, warehouse, shopping centre, retail/industrial park, hotel or factory you must comply with current legislation. Delco Safety Compliance can take the headache and administration away from you by offering a simple, comprehensive health and safety compliance solution, tailored to your specific needs.


We have a genuine network of Nebosh qualified health & safety inspectors, and our inspection criteria covers a range of key areas, including:


  • Trip/slip/fall hazards

  • Water leaks/damp

  • Faulty lift alarm systems

  • Risk of falling objects

  • Electrical hazards

  • Obstructed escape routes

  • Breaches of security

  • Collision hazards

  • Damaged/missing safety or warning signage

  • Observed faulty plant/equipment and machine guarding  


    Fire safety

  • Accumulations of combustible materials and substances

  • Missing/damaged/incomplete Fire Action Notices above fire alarm call points

  • Discharged/damaged/out of service fire extinguishers

  • Missing/damaged fire exit signage

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