Vacant Property Inspections




The primary drivers behind our vacant property inspection service stem from our client’s needs comply with the terms set by their insurers, and to have a regular point of feedback from the site concerning any issues that may affect the ‘let-ability’ of a property while it is vacant. And to check for any issues that may otherwise go undetected until it is too late.

Our standard inspection criteria includes:

  • General security checks on all access points (doors, windows etc.)

  • Flushing of all water outlets to prevent the formation of Legionella bacteria

  • Observed condition of general building fabric (i.e. damaged floors, ceilings)

  • Evidence of graffiti or vandalism

  • Water leaks/damp

  • Fire/electrical hazards

  • Other issues that may affect the appearance of the property and have a negative impact on the ‘let-ability’

The inspection frequency of vacant properties is dependent on the type of property, known risks, and insurance requirements. The inspection criteria and the method/frequency of reporting can be tailored to meet with your individual requirements.