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Fire Risk Assessments



Fire certificates are now a thing of the past and it is compulsory for business owners, occupiers and managing agents to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment (or FRA). Our bespoke reports clearly show where your building may be at risk, related to the appropriate British standards, and give recommended actions.

Delco Safety Compliance offer the complete Fire Risk Assessment solution, allowing you to achieve and maintain full compliance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, while keeping things simple and at a highly competitive price.

We act independently so we will not recommend unnecessary expensive systems or unneeded actions.  You can be confident that the advice we give you is in the best interests of your business/ residence in terms of cost, convenience and safety.

Delco Safety Compliance provides aftercare as part of our service, at no extra cost.  Your dedicated account manager will remain available to you in an advisory capacity, to help you to understand anything you need clarity on and suggest the best ways for you to move forward on your recommendations.

It is recommended that you review your risk assessments, on average, every 12-36 months, depending on how high risk the property. You can be fined if your review is out of date and if the worst were to happen, possibly prosecuted. Our report will detail the recommended frequency of reviews, based upon the risks observed during the assessment.

We can arrange your reviews with a 10% discount from the original assessment price.

*Prices may be negotiable depending on number of surveys/ services required


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